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Kindle Giveaway on Amazon!

Saturday, July 08, 2017


David Bassano


  1. Eddie, Parts I and II on Flash Fiction Press
    17 Mar, 2017
    Eddie, Parts I and II on Flash Fiction Press
    I’ve hit a literary double…on March 17, the Flash Fiction Press publishes my short story, “Eddie, Part I.” On the 18th, the sequel: “Eddie, Part II.”
  2. New Short Fiction: Ethan's Tale
    22 Feb, 2017
    New Short Fiction: Ethan's Tale
    Hi everyone! I have some new short fiction online: "Ethan's Tale" at Dime Show Review. Enjoy! By the way, you may see all the short stories I've published online under the Fun Stuff! heading on this website. Cheers!
  3. Review of "Trevelyan's Wager"
    13 Jan, 2017 Review of "Trevelyan's Wager"
    Hello everyone! Trevelyan's Wager has a new review on Amazon if you'd like to pop over there and have a look...
  4. Midwest Book Review
    02 Jan, 2017
    Midwest Book Review
    Hello everyone! Happy to report that the renowned Midwest Book Review has weighed in on "Trevelyan's Wager!" "... All the more impressive considering that "Trevelyan's Wager" is author David Bassano's debut as a novelist, this deftly crafted and consistently compelling read is very highly recommended..." The full review is here:
  5. Interview on Speak Up Talk Radio
    17 Oct, 2016
    Interview on Speak Up Talk Radio
    Good morning, everyone! On Oct. 14, Pat Rullo of the Speak Up Talk Radio podcast interviewed me on the topic of Trevelyan’s Wager. It came out very well! Pat is an excellent radio host. You may check out the entire interview here:
  6. Trevelyan's Wager is Launched!
    26 Sep, 2016
    Trevelyan's Wager is Launched!
    Good morning, everyone! I'm happy to announce that my first novel, Trevelyan's Wager, is now available! You may purchase it on Amazon, Harvard Square Editions, or your local bookseller via Ingram Distributors (see the book's page for the links). There will also be a couple of giveaways over the next few days; I'll keep you posted. Here's wishing Trevelyan's Wager a long and happy life out in the world!
  7. "Not Very High"
    13 Sep, 2016
    "Not Very High"
    Hi everyone! Happy to announce that I have some new flash fiction online at "Flash fiction" is very short fiction, usually defined as 1000 words or less. Its popularity comes from the fact that you can read a whole story in those odd little chunks of time in your life -- waiting for a bus, oil change, etc. The challenge for the writer is to get an entire story into such a short length. "Not Very High" is all of 291 words.
  8. Review of Trevelyan's Wager
    03 Sep, 2016
    Review of Trevelyan's Wager
    Good morning, everyone! Trevelyan's Wager has a new pre-publication review at Booklore. You may view it here. The book comes out on September 26. Can't wait! Cheers, David
  9. New Short Story
    15 Jul, 2016
    New Short Story
    A bit of news...I have a new short story, "Empty-Handed," up on Scarlet Leaf Review: Head on over if you want a bit of light reading. And check out the rest of the magazine as well -- they've got a lot of good stuff to peruse. Also, only another 2 months before Trevelyan's Wager is available... Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!